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Common Uses For Steel Security Fencing

Steel Security fencing comes in many different shapes and sizes. Different styles offer different levels of protection. The type of security fencing you use will depend greatly on the area you are wanting to enclose, how greatly you wish to deter people and what is safe & fit for purpose in that area. We have outlined below some common areas you will see security fencing. All of these are types of projects we have completed after consulting with clients. This ensures a fence that offers you Read more [...]
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The Right Fencing Materials for Winter

Winter has arrived! The leaves are crunching beneath our feet, the air grows thick with fog and blusterous winds take their toll.  You may be busy preparing your home for the holidays or battening down the hatches but it's important not to forget about your fence! Proactive care of your fence now, whether in your home or at a commercial property, will help save you money long term (especially if your fence was fitted by a professional Peterborough Fencing Contractor). But what if its too late Read more [...]
Wind damaged fences need repair ASAP to avoid further damage.

How to Protect Your Fence from Blusterous Winds

As we bustle through the colder, wetter, wuthering month of September, it can only mean one thing; your fence is more prone to damage from the harsher weather conditions. Strong winds come hand in hand with the colder months as autumn hits the UK. Ensuring you prepare for those days and nights of blusterous winds will not only help protect your fence & property, but likely save you time and money in the near future. We suggest taking some time to review the steps below. They can help ensure Read more [...]
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The 5 Types of People Behind the Fence

It is often overlooked but fencing can be the finishing touch to any property, whether that's your home or workspace. It’s not an exact science but the type of fencing that surrounds a property can say a lot about those inhabiting it. We’ve run through a few of our favourite stereotypes. Friendly Neighbour Most of us dream of one day having the neighbour they can trust, that person that will check on the house while you’re away or lend you a lawn mower when yours breaks. Depending on the Read more [...]
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How Can Security Fencing Protect Your Business?

With the summer holidays fast approaching, now could be the ideal time to reassess your businesses security. How secure is the fencing around your property? How easy is it for trespassers to gain access to your building or storage areas? With summer burglaries on the rise security is a top priority for businesses and protecting your stock and staff should be high up on the agenda. Summer holidays can mean trouble as bored youngsters loiter around and look for mischief. Teenagers can be left wandering Read more [...]

Time For a Summer Spruce Up

Summer is the time when we all start to enjoy our outdoor spaces, we plan BBQs with friends and family and enjoy evening drinks in the garden. For those of us that have perhaps neglected our gardens over the past few months, now is the ideal time to smarten them up. According to the Telegraph, a well-maintained garden can add up to 20% to the value of your home, so if you are looking to sell your home or just want to enjoy your outside space, here are 5 tips for sprucing up your garden and boundary Read more [...]
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Is it Time to Invest in Security Fencing?

Whether you are a business or a home owner, security fencing can be an invaluable asset to your property, not only will it improve the appearance but it will also give you a greater peace of mind as your property is better protected. A poor boundary around your property can be a beacon for those looking to take advantage. Rotten fences or gaps will be spotted by those looking to benefit, and with burglary numbers still not decreasing now could be an ideal time to invest in a deterrent. Our Read more [...]

Is Your Home as Safe as It Could Be?

During our lifetime we may experience new arrivals of all different kinds. You may have just welcomed a new baby into the family or a new pet and therefore you will likely need to make some changes to your home to ensure everyone is as safe as possible. Little bodies tend  get themselves through little spaces and you really have to think outside the box to ensure your home is as safe as possible to prevent the little ones getting out! Installing some fencing for your garden can be the perfect Read more [...]
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Have You Had a Storm Doris Disaster?

Storm Doris has been a whirlwind for us if you'll pardon the pun! We have been inundated with calls, emails and requests for fence repairs of all shapes and sizes and we are keeping ourselves incredibly busy trying to get you all back to your pre-Doris states. Whether your existing fence needs repairing or you require the whole thing replacing, we can help you. Maybe you didn't have a fence before and now you wish you did! Well you wouldn't be the first and we are here to help you too. Oakfield Read more [...]
Advantages of Security Fencing

Advantages of Security Fencing

There are many advantages to getting security fencing. Proper precautions against your home or your business can help in many ways in the future. Here are the main advantages to having security fencing. Security Possibly the most obvious answer, but security fencing will provide you and your business the security it needs. Having a fence around your property will usually be enough alone to deter potential vandals and break-ins. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your home and your Read more [...]