The 5 Types of People Behind the Fence

It is often overlooked but fencing can be the finishing touch to any property, whether that’s your home or workspace. It’s not an exact science but the type of fencing that surrounds a property can say a lot about those inhabiting it. We’ve run through a few of our favourite stereotypes.

Friendly Neighbour

Most of us dream of one day having the neighbour they can trust, that person that will check on the house while you’re away or lend you a lawn mower when yours breaks. Depending on the level of friendship it may be that part or all of this fencing is half height for easy summer evening conversations. It may even contain a gate for delivery of leftover BBQ food if you’re fortunate.

Privacy is Key

Some people just want to have their own space, a haven to escape by blocking out the world. You will find said person behind a tall and study close board fence. Don’t be offended though if you are stranded behind this wooden barrier. The likely hood is they will never disturb you in return.

Living for the Garden Party

The neighbour behind their private fence will hate the noise and the friend will be straight over. The person on the street with the sturdy looking, concrete reinforced feather edge fencing is likely to enjoy a party on a summers evening and needs the strength to hold in revellers. Some may even opt for a bespoke metal fencing to finish off a garden wall and allow people a glimpse into the party.

The Immaculate Gardener

The pride of the street, an avid fan of Ground Force in its prime and the greenest figures on the estate, the immaculate gardener won’t have any old fence. We’re talking post and rail or picket fencing, with beautiful flowers bordering and metal bow top fencing with colourful master pieces behind. This is the garden all the other neighbours talk about. It deserves only the best fence. A beautiful trellis will likely top the fence as a statement to all who see it.

Industrial Revolution

It’s worth a mention that fencing is not only for your home. Commercial fencing has an even more varied range of options with security normally the priority. This is where you start to see your V Mesh and chain link fencing for keeping people in, and your coated or non-coated palisade, paladin and galvanised fencing with spikes to match. Get caught on one of these and you’ll know about it!

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