Is it Time to Invest in Security Fencing?

Whether you are a business or a home owner, security fencing can be an invaluable asset to your property, not only will it improve the appearance but it will also give you a greater peace of mind as your property is better protected.

A poor boundary around your property can be a beacon for those looking to take advantage. Rotten fences or gaps will be spotted by those looking to benefit, and with burglary numbers still not decreasing now could be an ideal time to invest in a deterrent.

Our range of fencing products give you a wide choice of styles and if you are looking to secure your home we offer a variety of domestic fencing. A security fence can also be attractive and improve the kerb appeal of your home and garden. We offer fencing styles such as feather-edge boards, picket fencing, steel fencing and panels. All of these can be customized to suit the style and needs of your home.

We also create bespoke steel gates which can include ornate designs, these can give a wow factor to your property entrance. Our products can be purchased directly from us for your own construction or we offer a full design and installation service. Our team are happy to talk though the best options for your needs and help design an attractive but secure fencing solution.

For those requiring security fencing for a business or commercial use we have a great selection of styles and designs. Not only will a secure boundary around your business look professional and attractive for those entering your site, the greatest advantage will be in keeping your business secure and safe. We have a range of heavy duty fencing such as galvanised fencing, v mesh fencing or palisade fencing.

Commercial fencing does not have to be unattractive or industrial looking, with our range of fencing it can be coloured to suit the surroundings or to match your company branding. Whilst the initial outlay of fencing may be off putting for some, an excellent quality fence will be a great long term investment and our range of fencing is guaranteed to last. Here at Oakfield UK we use the best quality fencing materials and supplies to ensure durability and longevity.

Contact our team today to discuss your fencing requirements or to arrange a free quote. Don’t forget to check out our photo gallery of our recent projects to see our work and get inspiration for your own.