How Can Security Fencing Protect Your Business?

With the summer holidays fast approaching, now could be the ideal time to reassess your businesses security. How secure is the fencing around your property? How easy is it for trespassers to gain access to your building or storage areas? With summer burglaries on the rise security is a top priority for businesses and protecting your stock and staff should be high up on the agenda.

Summer holidays can mean trouble as bored youngsters loiter around and look for mischief. Teenagers can be left wandering the streets, climbing onto buildings or trespassing which can be a source of amusement for them. A strong perimeter around your business should be the first port of call when dealing with security. Unmaintained fences or broken panels will be spotted by those looking to enter uninvited and low fences can be all too easy to climb or jump over.

While teenagers may egg each other on to climb fences or squeeze through gaps they may unintentionally cause further damage to your boundaries. Not only will this look unsightly but it could lead to potential trouble further down the line, as commercial properties are often targeted by gangs looking to steal valuable items. If youths are able to intercept your security fencing, other problems can occur as climbing onto buildings and playing chicken can be popular games. Daredevil youngsters can be putting themselves at risk as well as causing damage to roofs and buildings.

Installing new security fencing can be invaluable in the deterrent to both youths and potential trespassers. Not only will it give your property a smart and well-kept look, it will also keep your business and assets safe.

Here at Oakfield we manufacturer and install top quality security fencing in a wide variety of designs and styles. Our range of security fencing includes paladin fencing, galvanised and mesh, all of which are customizable to suit your requirements. Metal fencing can be ideal for securing the boundary around your business as not only is it hard to climb it is incredibly strong and durable. Unlike wooden fencing this type of fencing gives greater visibility between your site and the surrounding areas, making it much harder for any trespassers to go unnoticed.

If you are looking to update your security and purchase a new gate or fence we are happy to visit your site and advise you on the best solution for your needs. We offer a free no obligation quote for our fencing services in Peterborough and the surrounding areas.