Common Uses For Steel Security Fencing

Steel Security fencing comes in many different shapes and sizes. Different styles offer different levels of protection. The type of security fencing you use will depend greatly on the area you are wanting to enclose, how greatly you wish to deter people and what is safe & fit for purpose in that area.

We have outlined below some common areas you will see security fencing. All of these are types of projects we have completed after consulting with clients. This ensures a fence that offers you adequate levels of protection whilst using the best steel fencing materials for the job.

Schools Playground Fencing

From nursery schools through primary and up until secondary schools, it is common practice to have security fencing. This serves two main purposes, one is to keep intruders out of the school premises and the other, particularly for younger children, is to keep them in the designated play areas without risk of them endangering themselves. This means a fairly low-security option is often best which also allows unobstructed views like the V Mesh Security Fence we recently installed at a Nursery (pictured above).

Steel Railway Fencing

One of the most common uses you will see for security fencing across the country is protecting our railways. These can be extremely dangerous places to trespass and so a strong deterrent is needed to keep the general public safe. Steel Security gates can also ensure workers can gain easy access when repair work is needed. We will be adding some of our Industrial Security Fence Installations around railways to our projects page soon, so check back in the coming weeks!

Steel Security Fence Installation from Oakfield UK

Secure Construction Site Fencing

Many construction projects take years to complete and in these circumstances, temporary solutions do not offer the protection needed. Modern building sites can span miles and require permanent security fencing to ensure the protection of vehicles, tools and workers property throughout the project. You will likely see examples of these if your commute takes you past any site works, particularly in isolated areas such as works on motorways. The fencing used here will depend on the type of project, timescale and equipment being used. You may even use different types of fencing for different areas of the site. V Mesh may be suitable for a perimeter around site staff parking while Galvanised Palisade may house expensive equipment or danger areas.

Secure Your Site With Steel Fencing

We have provided a few common scenarios above based on projects we have completed utilising a range of security fencing but the use of this resource is endless. Many properties will require a secure border and steel security fencing can offer this in a style that suits your need.

If you’re looking to erect a steel security fence in a similar location to the above examples or need to protect your property then contact Oakfield UK today for a bespoke quote on your security fence installation project.