Should You Install Mesh or Palisade Fencing?

Choosing between installing mesh fencing or steel palisade fencing for your property can be a tough decision – you want to ensure you pick the right type of security fencing for your project, and also know both its pros and cons. Oakfield UK fill in the blanks so you know what to choose for your fencing solution.

As established in our previous blog, you should now know the differences between mesh and palisade fencing; this blog post focuses on the benefits of each type of fencing and looks at which is best suited to your property – based on purpose.

Pros and cons of mesh fencing

Whilst mesh fencing can significantly boost the overall security of your property and is preferable of the two for its design and aesthetics, it can come with some problems. Mesh fencing can be seen more as a boundary marker, rather than security border – as it is less imposing visually. Alongside that, it is easier to cut with pliers or cutters.

However, with the lack of footholds and small open areas, mesh fencing is harder to climb. Along with this, it is also harder for animals and small wildlife to enter your property – unlike palisade fencing which they could slip through. Any damage is easy, quick, and cheap to repair – as mesh fencing also requires little maintenance once installed. It is a cost-effective, long-term solution that is worth considering if you are happy with its appearance.

On average, installation for mesh fencing is quicker – so if time is a factor to your project, mesh fencing could be the way to go, however it may not be your smartest option long term.

Pros and cons of v mesh fencing

Ideal for premises such as schools, v mesh fencing is the in-between option if you want the looks of mesh fencing with some strength of palisade. Keep in mind though, that all mesh fencing can be cut, so if you want to focus on security, you want to look at a fence type that is near-impossible to climb, intimidating, and durable – able to withstand damage…

Pros and cons of palisade fencing

Weighing up the options of steel palisade fencing, it’s clear from the get-go that it is better suited for industrial sites rather than local businesses or schools. It’s strong, hard-wearing and sturdy, and gives off the aura that it is creating a barrier for a place one should not enter without authorisation.

Palisade fencing usually hinders vision from those outside and has the adaptability to have additional security measures installed upon it – such as warning signs or CCTV cameras.

Do bear in mind that due to its cost-effective nature and low maintenance requirements, it does still come with some risks.

A known con is that palisade fencing can have a tendency to let in wildlife. They can also be easier to climb – so should they be installed, it is wise looking at the topping to your fencing; be it spike or forward spirals. For long term protection and durability, palisade fencing is your winner.

Just think, despite your property always having a specific type of security fencing – is it actually the right fencing for your needs? If you’re unsure, feel free to contact us today or give us a call on 01733 811951 to discuss your next fencing project.