How to Protect Your Fence from Blusterous Winds

As we bustle through the colder, wetter, wuthering month of September, it can only mean one thing; your fence is more prone to damage from the harsher weather conditions.

Strong winds come hand in hand with the colder months as autumn hits the UK. Ensuring you prepare for those days and nights of blusterous winds will not only help protect your fence & property, but likely save you time and money in the near future.

We suggest taking some time to review the steps below. They can help ensure your garden fence stays upright and prepare you for the worst case.

Safety Check Your Garden

Make sure that your garden is free from any hazards likely to cause damage in high winds. Pack away any children’s play toys, sweep up loose debris from trees, put garden furniture into hibernation and get the BBQ into cover. Winds can sweep these kinds of items into fences and properties, causing costly damage to both. Do not use your fence as an anchor for garden furniture! It will be under enough stress without holding your gazebo down as well.

Trim Unruly Branches

Large trees are at more risk of collapsing if not well kept. Wind will hit these trees harder if old branches are not removed increasing the potential for them to collapse onto your fence. Simply trimming trees near your fence will help prevent any risk of large branches crashing into them.

In the worst cases:

Have a Professional Fencing Contractor on speed dial

Knowing a professional fencing contractor in your local area will be highly beneficial to you and your property, especially if you live in an area that is prone to strong winds. The moment these winds hit and start to cause damage everyone will be making that same call.

Having a qualified fencing contractor to hand will ease the stress of having to deal with a damaged fence. You know the service they provide will be of high quality and efficient. Broken fencing can be replaced and as part of the fencing installation service and precautions can be taken to prevent the same problem occuring again. Our warehouse is always fully stocked up with fencing materials ready to help you out with bad weather fence repairs.

Update Your Fence

Many of us will have our fences for a long time, only replacing them should disaster strike. Over time the fence and its structure will lose quality and durability, meaning they are more susceptible to strong winds. Wind is not the only factor that can weaken a fence. Insects for example, which are infamous for causing structural damage to wooden fences especially, can leave your fence weak against winds. You may not be aware that your fence is in a poor condition. It may not be visibly damaged but seeking a professional fencing contractor for a professional opinion will only give you peace of mind. Else you might not know your fence is in poor condition until a strong wind sends it tumbling towards you house!

Consider the Type of Fencing

There are many different types of fencing, but how would you know which one is best for your garden? This will depend mostly on the type of house you live in and its location. You want something that fits in with the surrounds of your property while offering adequate structure. Oakfield UK provide a number of solutions, including a range of fences that are durable, versatile and renowned for their strength.

We even supply posts and fence panels which allow wind to pass through, a great solution if you’ve suffered wind damage multiple times before and had enough.

It’s not just domestic properties that suffer

Strong winds can also leave commercial properties damaged. This may lead to a security concern for your business. As the weather begins to get worse we will explore the threats from failing security fencing and actions businesses can take to keep their properties safe.

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