Signs You Need to Replace Your Fence

The lifespan of a fence can vary – especially in the cases of timber fencing. Here we list the four most common signs that your fence is in need of replacement or repair.

Timber or steel fencing doesn’t last forever, but it can last for a very long time with the right maintenance and care. Nonetheless, there comes a time when your fencing may require repairing, or even replacing entirely. Sometimes the factors are out of our control, but as soon as you notice any of these common signs, it should be time to act and speak to us.

Fence rot

As indicated in our blog post about soil damaging your fence, rot is a big cause of problems for fencing. Rot can not only damage the fence itself – weakening it or have it fall away but also spoil the ground below, making it difficult to erect a new fence later on. At the first sign of your fence not looking strong, you should act.

Leaning and damage

A visible sign is one not to be ignored – if you can see a problem, so can others. This, of course, does not bode well if your fence is being used for security measures. Your fence could be damaged or leaning as a result of harsh wind, or contact with a human or vehicle – regardless of how it happened, if your fence is leaning or damaged, it will only get worse if left alone. You need to be sure your fence alignment is correct and that they are in place; sturdy and immovable.

Loose or missing fasteners

Over time, the nails, bolts and fasteners that hold up and link together your fence panels can loosen and even fall out. As soon as you notice any missing, it would be wise to replace them. However, after a while, the structure of your fence may have become so weak due to water damage that the fasteners are no longer effective – it’s at that stage where you need to look at replacing the entire fence panel or fence.

When that happens, you need to ensure you are provided with a secure, attractive and durable fencing solution – suitable for your budget and surroundings.

Faded colour

Another visible sign that is an indicator that your fence could be past its prime is in its appearance. If it’s once vibrant oaky colour is now a faded shade of beige, it highlights that your fence has taken a beating by the elements of the years. A dry fence discoloured by sunlight will also be more likely to fracture and split, so not only for the aesthetics you should seak out replacing your fence.

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