The Right Fencing Materials for Winter

Winter has arrived! The leaves are crunching beneath our feet, the air grows thick with fog and blusterous winds take their toll.  You may be busy preparing your home for the holidays or battening down the hatches but it’s important not to forget about your fence!

Proactive care of your fence now, whether in your home or at a commercial property, will help save you money long term (especially if your fence was fitted by a professional Peterborough Fencing Contractor). But what if its too late and your fence is already coming down?

Timber fences are highly susceptible to damage caused by strong winds,  wet weather, icy conditions and more. In some of the worst cases, your fence can rot from the bottom up (due to soil moisture) resulting in your fence completely collapsing.

Having the right fencing materials fitted by a reliable Peterborough fencing contractor is a good start but what are these materials?

Getting the right Fence Posts…

Fence posts are a reliable and wise investment as they are the main support for your fence. They hold strong through adverse weather conditions and a are popular choice for maintaining a natural look. If through the winter you are particularly susceptible to strong winds or damp conditions then concrete posts will be a study option with the added benefit of not rotting in the moisture.  The investment will pay off long term.  A reputable Fencing Contractor will use Cement/ Postcrete depending on the job for a long-lasting, strong fencing frame!

Fence Panels: Whats the difference?

The infamous British weather has the tendency to lessen the lifespan of neglected timber fence panels, especially during the Winter months. Don’t leave it until your fence is on its last legs. Invest from the off in a sturdy and suitable solution. We’ve broken down the types of fencing over on our Fencing Installation pages to help you gain a better idea of the different panels and what they mean for your garden.  Installation by an expert fencing contractor will ensure a precision finish and long-lasting fence.

Don’t forget Gravel Boards

Concrete gravel boards are not only an aesthetically pleasing finish to your fence but offer greater protection from the ground strike soil might make on your fence. By raising your panels away from the ground no part of your timber fence panel is touching the soil. this low maintenance solution will help your fence survive winter when the weather and ground just won’t let up.

Remember, if your fence can survive the winter then it should stand proud all year round! Get your fence right the first time with quality Peterborough Fencing Contractor services from Oakfield UK.

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