Is Soil Damaging My Fence?

If you think the soil from the ground is potentially damaging your fence and its posts or fixings, you’re probably right. Timber fences can rot away and be damaged as a result of neglect – but this is what you can do about it.

Timber fences are a beautiful additional to any property – domestic or agricultural especially. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they help set parameters and border off sections or animals. They can even be used to help wildlife and foliage grow. However, like with most things, they can be damaged over time due to nature.

So, if you’re reading this blog thinking ‘is soil damaging my fence?’, you’re probably right, it is; but don’t worry, it’s perfectly natural and there are things you can do about it to protect your timber fencing from soil damage going forward.

How to protect a fence from soil damage

The best practises to protect your fence from soil damage come in the form of regular maintenance to ensure your fence posts stand strong and require repair as little as possible.

Be cautious of rot – this usually occurs as a result of long exposure to moisture, predominantly from the soil, but also if there has been heavy rain for a subsequent amount of time. Ensure your fencing is protected from water, it can dry quickly, and also the soil around the fencing does not stay waterlogged for too long – otherwise the problems will soon start.

Seperate your fence from the soil to prevent damage

If your timber fencing is also pressure treated, this will significantly reduce the risk of trot – thankfully our wide range of timber fencing includes pressure treated timber, meaning you have one less thing to worry about when trying to secure your property or work on your project.

The only way to securely protect your fence from rot damage from the soil and moisture in general is with gravel boards. Available in either concrete or timber, they raise your fence above the soil and damp ground, and are maintenance free once installed.

However, you should always ensure your fencing and gravel boards are installed correctly. Oakfield UK offer a comprehensive and cost-effective professional fencing installation service to guarantee your fencing is erected correctly and safely. For more information about preventing rot and soil damage to your fences, or to discuss what we can do for your property, contact us today.