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Things to consider when choosing a new Fence

In most cases, installing fences around your garden or outside area can be an excellent way of improving the looks, privacy or security of your premises. When you decide it’s time to have a new fence installed, there are a few important factors to consider which we’ve listed below. Consider the garden design –  Most garden areas have their own style, design and decor. As every garden is different, careful consideration should be taken to ensure a well-suited fence is chosen to compliment Read more […]

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Winter is Coming!

The cold weather has well and truly arrived and winter is on its way. We are already experiencing the dark mornings where we have to scrape the ice off the car and before long we will see the familiar orange lights of gritters down the roads. And you are probably wondering where this is going because not many people are aware of our additional services we offer, one of these being our winter gritting which comprises of salt gritting, supply of salt bags and snow clearance. Another thing you Read more […]

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