Customer in Shepeau Stow

Oakfields have been a brilliant find. Their response to our initial email was quick and helpful, one of only a handful of firms who bothered at all.  We were initially looking to fence off three sides of our fairly extensive plot, to enable our dog to run freely.  Carl turned up as agreed and spent a significant period of time discussing with us what could be done, and how best costs could be kept down without compromising unnecessarily on quality.  He was by turns professional, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful,  and creative, showing a level of interest a customer can usually only wish for! It was agreed what would be quoted for, and we later received a detailed specification and quote which blew the ‘back of a envelope’ calculation the only other company who bothered to turn up into the weeds.  Once we had agreed to go ahead Carl continued to keep in touch, making further suggestions, and responding to our innumerable questions with good grace.

Once started the job was carried out without fuss or drama, and with minimal intrusion especially with the extent of the work involved.  The workmanship was exceptional, with a great degree of care being taken to ensure that we ended up with an attractive, practical and durable fence and set of gates.  We knew exactly when the team would be on site (pretty much all the time), and they worked weekends too to get the job completed.  I’m not sure what else you could ask for.  We would unhesitatingly recommend Oakfields, and were so happy with the work they did for us that we subsequently engaged them for another big job….