Things to consider when choosing a new Fence

In most cases, installing fences around your garden or outside area can be an excellent way of improving the looks, privacy or security of your premises.

When you decide it’s time to have a new fence installed, there are a few important factors to consider which we’ve listed below.

Consider the garden design –  Most garden areas have their own style, design and decor. As every garden is different, careful consideration should be taken to ensure a well-suited fence is chosen to compliment the rest of the outdoor area. Plant-filled gardens will need special care and attention when installing a new fence, will the material or positioning interfere with growth? When speaking to a competent fencing contractor, they will be able to advise you.

Top Tip: Having a fence should provide new opportunities to enjoy the benefits of plants in your garden. Using climbing plants to cover your fences will not only create a beautiful aesthetic but give room for them to grow into healthy thriving plants. 

Don’t block the view! – Any homeowner will know the great significance that comes with having privacy in your home. No one wants to be relaxing in their garden only to see their neighbours going about their activities, they wouldn’t be too happy about it either! Always make sure to let your fencing contractor know your preference on the sizing of the fence, so that they can discuss the best options with you. 

Fencing Type – From Bow Top fencing to Feather Edge, there is a wide variety of fencing types available for you to choose from depending on the look and style you want to go for. A high quality, durable fence will surely stand the test of time but you also want your outside space to suit the style of your garden or outdoor area. Speaking to a professional fencing contractor will help you to make your decision on the types of fencing you should consider to suit your landscape.

Hiring an inexperienced fencing contractor – When hiring your fencing contractor, you should take all things into consideration, what is their experience level? Do they charge reasonable prices? Do they use high quality materials? Most importantly, are they a trustworthy and reliable company with a reputable service? If they tick all these boxes then you’ve found the one. 

Seeking a professional, reliable and qualified fencing contractor Peterborough can save you time, stress and effort as well as costs! at Oakfield UK, we pride ourselves in delivering a professional and efficient fencing installation service so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

If you would like to find out more about our services and fencing materials, then please get in touch today.