What type of Fencing should I choose?

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We’ve been established since 2005, and since then we’ve become one of the leading fencing contractors in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire, that’s why we know when you’re looking for a new fence, it can be a very difficult decision choosing what is best to meet your needs and requirements. Because of this we’ve come up with some points to consider which should help you make a decision to find a fencing solution that is right for you, whether you are a domestic or commercial customer.

Style – Having a nice fence will dramatically change the way your premises looks and choosing a style really depends on what your priority is. Think to yourself, is it more important for your fence to look decorative or to enclose your area to give you some security and privacy/personal space? Once you know this then we can show you all of the different arrays of fencing supplies we have in stock.

Material – The material of your fence is very important as it dictates how it will look, as well as what price range you’re looking at, what security it offers and also the maintenance required. Wood typically gives a very traditional look and steel fencing can give a modern sophisticated look, both of which will last for a very long time. At Oakfield UK, we have a range of previous project photos we can show you, as well as samples of materials in a range of thicknesses, colours and types which will meet all needs.

Area – The size of the area you’re covering is also very important. Picket and feather edge fencing are very popular for small to medium gardens and can provide great aesthetics and privacy to your outdoor space. For very large areas where security or decoration isn’t a priority as you may just want to define a perimeter, mesh fencing can be a very cost effective choice.

Security – Keeping your premises or outdoor area secure is often one of the most important motivations behind getting a new fence, so when you’re making a decision consider what you need the fencing for, as if you’re protecting pets then certain types of fencing are better than others. Paladin and palisade fencing are among our top choices of security fencing as are extremely robust and secure and can be powder coated in a range of colours to match your building/company brand.

Maintenance – We offer wooden fences that only require minimal maintenance and metal fences that need no maintenance at all and have a long life span. Protective powder coated steel fencing is very popular and we can offer a variety of styles, sizes and colours.

Gates – Most fences need a gate to allow access to the area your fencing is enclosing, so make sure you think about how large the gate has to be. Maybe you have certain vehicles or objects need to be transportable through the gate or you have a specific position where the gate has to go. Knowing these details will really help us in recommending the best solution for you.

Cost – Some type of wooden fences and wire mesh fencing normally are the most cost effective, especially when covering a large area. The price is usually dependant on the area being fenced, material, height, thickness and typical lifespan of the supplies. For us to be able to give you an estimation for the type of fencing you’re looking for, its best you use the details listed below to get into contact with us at Oakfield UK. One of our friendly members of staff will pop round and have you sorted in no time.

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